WaveX makes infrastructure financing and investment management automated using state of art technologies.

Solar Financing

WaveX is a platform that connects private investor and people with access to empty roof-tops or empty lots

Electricity Trading

WaveX's platform allows to generate revenue from electricity being produced from the investment

Fully Automated

Our hardware utilizes blockchain technology enforce trust and automate the metering and payments.

Making renewable electricity accessible to everyone

WaveX is a cleanTech solution developed with the goal of making renewable electricity accessible to everyone through a decentralized platform. WaveX is built using cutting edge technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. The platform is decentralized and does not require permission from any central authority to get started. WaveX has 2 types of users – investors and consumers.

WaveX - Making renewable electricity accessible


Through WaveX, investors can diversify their investments in different projects and get share equivalent for the project they invest in. For the initial investment the investors will be paid a dividend every month for the resource usage until they recoup their investment and make a decent profit. The resource usage will be tracked using our proprietary hardware that uses blockchain to enforce trust and automatic payment of monthly dividends without the need for any middleman.


WaveX is an enabler for cheaper electricity for those in need of electricity or those looking to be more sustainable. Money can be raised from investors to finance infrastructure set-ups through platform. The consumer will pay only for what they consume which is again cheaper than rates offered by electric utility companies. Moreover, after a agreed period of time the infrastructure will fall into the ownership of the consumer.

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